Camera Settings Configurator


ack in the days where most sets were using film cameras, the settings were more hardware driven and there were whole infrastructures of rental houses, laboratories, and post houses to coordinate how the image would be processed and finished. Nowadays, where all the cameras we rent are digital cameras with deep menu settings, and it’s quite common not to even include a post house let alone a laboratory or dailies processing company in the workflow, it’s critical to communicate clearly the camera settings clearly to all involved, be it the producer, editor, or camera assistant.

To help with that, we’ve produced a simple tool to list the critical settings for your camera, aiming to provide a checklist of basics to help your shoot go well.

These configurators are designed to help you communicate how you’d like your camera, recording systems, and image or look workflow to be initially set up. Simply fill in the information, add your email address, and you’ll receive both a text summary and a PDF table of settings in your inbox.