We are fully integrated: camera, lighting, grip, transportation, studio, production supplies under
one roof.

Our camera department is diverse.

We have you covered. From modern DSLR cameras to the latest Red and Arri cameras. Solid, customized accessories.

Our lenses cover too. From Canon full frame to Sony E-mount to Full Frame PL mount. Including vintage and high speed lenses. Zooms too.

Our lighting department is modern.

We embraced the LED revolution early on. We have everything from LitePanels to Kino Flo Freestyle to LiteMat S2 to Arri Skypanels, ETC Lustre+, Kinotehnic and more.

Our grip department is complete.

We have all kinds of rigging as well as the regular gear you expect from a grip department.

Our trucks are organized and convenient.

We’ve been building trucks and packages for a long time.

Our studio let’s you take advantage of all of our other services.

With a three wall cyc, hair and makeup room, production office, and auxiliary space, lighting right next door, and camera 200’ away.

But wait, there’s more.

We have great people.

We are cinematographers, lighting technicians, photographers, and educated, interesting people in general.

Like our clients.

Like you.