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Arri ALEXA Classic & Arri ALEXA Mini

The Arri ALEXA Classic is the workhorse of the modern motion picture industry. Its ubiquitous presence on film sets in LA makes it hard to ignore, but frankly, why would you?

Put simply, it’s a popular camera for some very good reasons: The ALEXA Classic offers superior image quality and essential features in a simple, user-friendly design. It’s a wonderful tool, but much like a carpenter can’t expect to build a house with just a hammer and nails, neither can a working cinematographer effectively complete every job with a single camera – even one as great as the ALEXA Classic.

If you need to capture footage from the floorboard of a car, or in any other tight space, the ALEXA Classic’s large form factor will probably be a little cumbersome. It also weighs nearly 14 pounds (that’s not including any camera support), which is fine for most applications, but don’t mount it to a UAV unless you enjoy exercises in futility. What do you do if your next job demands the best, but the best is just too big?

Enter the ALEXA Mini: with a body weighing in at a mere five pounds of compact-carbon goodness and still offering the same incredible ALEV III CMOS sensor, this tight little package easily plays with the big boys. Forget just “getting the shot” – you’re gonna fall asleep fantasizing about all the different places you can put it.

Digital Film Studios offers both the ALEXA Classic and the ALEXA Mini, because whether you need a flathead or a Phillips head, we’ve got you covered.

Now, don’t drop the screws or you’ll upset your father.

Arri ALEXA Classic

Released in:                            2010

Purchase cost:                      $58,683.00 (body only)1

Weight:                                   13.8 lbs.

Dimensions:                          12.95” x 6.02” x 6.22”

Exposure latitude:             >14 stops

Sensor:                                   ALEV III CMOS

Maximum framerate:       60 (16:9, ProRes, 2K, 4444, internally recorded)

Pairs well with:                    aged Gouda, Gruyère

Arri ALEXA Mini

Released in:                            2015

Purchase cost:                      $45,000.00 (body only)2

Weight:                                   5 lbs.

Dimensions:                          7.3” x 4.9” x 5.5”

Exposure latitude:             >14 stops

Sensor:                                  ALEV III CMOS

Maximum framerate:       200 fps (16:9, ProRes, 4KUHD, 4444, internally recorded)

Pairs well with:                    Gorgonzola, Roquefort

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