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Our New Sprinter Van

There are those days when you have no idea how you’ll get through it: multiple locations, varied conditions, not enough crew or production support. So much to do, so little time. Can having the right equipment help to compress your day?

Digital Film Studios owner and Director of Photography, Ted Hayash, recently had a day like that:

I was recently approached by an actress friend who had an idea for a TV show. It was an ambitious one day shoot, and was interesting because it combined documentary style, “man on the street” shooting as well as a Charlie Rose style roundtable set-up interview. Our schedule was tight – lots of impromptu interviews at the beginning of the day, an interview on location after lunch, and finally the roundtable set at the end of the day. We needed to be fast and efficient, and still maintain the high quality that every shoot demands these days.

I used a combination of Blackmagic cameras, Canon EF mount zooms, and a small lighting package consisting of Kino Flos, LitePanels, and Dedo lights. Ordinarily, I would have used the Digital Film Studios 1-ton van package, which was my go-to package for projects like “Inventing David Geffen”, and “Last Days in Vietnam”, where I was lighting multiple interviews in all kinds of situations without any additional crew. But we had just completed building the Sprinter van, and I thought I’d give it a try. I was glad I did – at the last minute I found out that, due to a location restriction, I’d have to accomplish the roundtable setup in 30 minutes! I had the guys load all the lighting onto a single cart, something that we couldn’t have done in the 1-ton. When we got to the location, we parked the van in a nearby parking spot, rolled the carts to the door, and with only three people, did the setup and were rolling in 30 minutes, as promised. Knowing that the wrap-out would go really quickly, we had time to squeeze a few more interviewees into our twelve hour day, and make this presentation piece that much better, thanks to the Blackmagic cameras, and the DFS Sprinter van.

It’s not a time machine. It is a well laid out, efficient, and flexible vehicle that can keep your production seemingly small while giving you all the ‘big-time’ tools, and put them on wheels.

When you have an action packed, creative day coming up and need to keep it light and efficient, we have you covered.

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