Announcing the DFS “Somewhat Annual” Aprés Solstice Summer BBQ Party n’ more, with DJs Pognasty & Mr. Midibags

If you think the title is a mouthful, wait until you see the food.


Saturday, June 28th, from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM


Digital Film Studios
11800 Sheldon Street, Unit C/D
Sun Valley, CA 91352


Come and enjoy food, drinks, and music with us at Digital Film Studios. We’ll also be demoing LED lighting from BBS, BriteShot, and more on our green screen stage.

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“What will I eat?” Burgers, ribs, and vegetarian options, along with the usual snacks.

“What will I drink?” Beer. This is a BBQ, not the governor’s ball (but we’ll have non-alcoholic options, too).

“What will I do with my kids?” Bring them and stick them in the bouncy castle we’ll be inflating on Stage 2.

“Can I bring my spouse/friend/weird uncle/etc?” Yes, bring them! Again, see above (re: bouncy castle)

“Why should I come?” Because you’ll be able to meet a lot of our friends, see new gear, and eat delicious food. ‘Nuff said.