5 Myths about the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera

If you follow popular low-budget filmmaking websites, or are just an incorrigible gear-head, chances are you’ve noticed the plethora of information floating around about the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera, released last year. Priced at less than $1,000 and capable of shooting in 2K RAW, it’s no surprise that the BMPCC is frequently the subject of articles proclaiming its vices and virtues, or at least, the benefits to and disadvantages of using it.

With so many opinions floating around, we think it’s time to address some popular myths about the BMPCC.

Without further ado . . .

1) The BMPCC is too small to produce stable footage

Certainly, if you intend to go handheld, with no rigging whatsoever, it’s difficult to get smooth video with the BMPCC—but the same is true of most any camera. At DFS, we take special care to accessorize our clients’ camera rentals in a way that allows them obtain great results, no matter what they’re shooting with (see #4).

2) It can’t produce a shallow depth of field

Yes, the BMPCC has a small, Super 16-sized sensor, which makes it more difficult to obtain a shallow depth of field with it than it is with similarly priced DSLRs. That said, it’s certainly not impossible. On the contrary, there are many examples of BMPCC footage that’s plenty shallow, especially when utilizing high-performing budget lenses like the Sigma 18-35, which becomes a 1.2 (!) when combined with the MetaBones Speedbooster.

To illustrate, here’s some shallow DoF footage shot using an SLR Magic 35mm 1.4.

3) It can’t shoot in RAW

Yes it can. Case closed.

4) You can’t use professional accessories with it

At DFS, when we say we pride ourselves in taking care of our customers, we mean that all DFS cameras are professionally accessorized to accommodate our clients’ needs, however specific they may be. Our cameras are built up to be easily adjustable, fitting on everything from a Movi to a full-size package with multiple monitors.

The BMPCC is no exception. Check out our photos, below.

Blackmagic Pocket Camera, ready for "Action"

Blackmagic Pocket Camera, ready for "Action"

Blackmagic Pocket Camera, ready for "Action"

Blackmagic Pocket Camera, ready for "Action"

Jared, lead camera technician at DFS, is happy to summarize, saying, “We’ll pimp your ride. Uh . . . Camera.” Well said, Jared.

5) It was originally designed for use in pornography

While we can neither confirm or deny this one, let’s just say that the “P” in BMPCC didn’t always stand for “Pocket.”

(That was just a test to see if you were paying attention. You can rent the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera at DFS.)

Note: While we realize that many of our solutions to the problems suggested in these myths involve the use of additional equipment, for less than four figures, the BMPCC is still an impressive performer.




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