Hive Plasma Lighting

The future is here now:

Plasma Lighting by Hive.

Smart productions are leveraging the latest camera technology to produce better and better values at or below previous costs. Plasma lighting is 2 to 10 times as efficient as previously available technologies, can be powered via AC or DC so you can use wall power or battery power, has a 10,000 hour bulb life, has a CRI over 94 at 5900K, is flicker free at any frame rate, and produces virtually no heat for the amount of light produced. Super features!

Hive Plasma lighting gives you the benefits of an LED with the quality and output of an HMI.

The Wasp Plasma Par

This single unit uses only 280 watts to achieve the intensity of a 400 watt HMI par, yielding longer run times when run off of a battery, and less draw when using house power. This unit uses spread lenses to achieve a tight focused beam or a wide even field. AC or DC.

The Killer Maxi

2 units in one, this is a two light par type fixture with interchangeable lenses yielding a tight beam or a wide spread. This light produces 560 watts, for the equivalent of 800 watts of HMI light. AC only.

The Drone

The Drone is a retrofit kit for the ETC Source 4 leko, giving you plasma efficacy in an ellipsoidal fixture that draws only 280 watts. AC or DC.



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