• Canon C300mkII
    Canon C300mkII
    The go-to camera for feature documentaries, or any feature.
  • Vintage Lenses
    Vintage Lenses
    From Leica-R to Contax to Cooke to Zeiss, we’ve got you covered.
  • Red Epic-W 8K
    Red Epic-W 8K
    Red Digital Cinema cameras featuring the new Helium 8k Sensor.
  • Arri Alexa Mini
    Arri Alexa Mini
    Arri Alexa Mini camera packages are now available and ready to rent to you.
  • Sony FS7
    Sony FS7
    Lightweight for handheld or customized for studio accessories, it’s your choose. Choose both.
  • Red Weapon
    Red Weapon
    Choose yours. We’ll build it and get it to you before the enemy does.
  • Hive Plasma Lighting
    Hive Plasma Lighting
    Plasma Lighting by Hive is now available in the rental department.
  • Sony a7sII
    Sony a7sII
    4k Sony color and ultimate sensitivity in a compact package.