Sony Cameras

The Sony cameras we rent feature Sony’s E-mount, which allows us to mount nearly any lens quickly and easily to the camera, including Canon mount, Nikon Mount, and PL Mount lenses, making them extremely versatile.

SONY FS7 Package

The FS7 is the latest addition to our high resolution collection of cameras and this Sony camera shares the same color science as the F55, including, wide gamut color rendering, and 4K and UHD resolutions up to 60fps and 180fps at HD resolutions, fast native ISO of 2000, built in ND filters, and a customized hand grip that we’ve adapted to work with all of our accessories.

FS7 Camera Body
Choice of either E – PL or E-EF Lens Mount Adapter
XQD Media Pkg
FS7 Standard Build including
Top Cheese Plate (FS7)
FS7 LW Base Plate (WC)
Nato Rail (100mm)
Nato Top Handle (WC)
FS7 GM Battery Plate
15mm Studio Base Plate Kit
LW Dovetail Kit
Pag Battery Package (3)

Optional: FS7 Extension Unit

SONY A7S/A7S II Package

Sony A7SII Camera Package
A7SII Camera Body 

A7SII Standard Build including
Quick Cage Base For A7SII (WC)
Quick Cage Post For A7SII (WC)
Quick Cage Top Plate For A7SII (WC)
Quick Cage LW Base Plate (WC)
Quick Dovetail Plate (WC)
Nato Top Handle (WC)
Nato Rail (70mm)

Choice of either E – PL or E – EF Lens Mount Adapter
SD Card Pkg (4K)
A7SII Standard Build
A7SII Cables/Aks
15mm Studio Base Plate Kit
LW Dovetail Kit
Pag Battery Package (3)