Classic, or fun-size. Your choice.

Arri has been the standard in the industry for decades, and is often the choice for cinematic images, whether for distribution on the web, television, or the cinema. The Alexa classic includes 2K ProRes recording, raw recording with an off-board recorder at up to 3K, dual SxS card slots, and the famous Alexa imagery and usability.

The Arri Alexa Mini improves upon the Alexa line, maintaining the classic Arri picture quality while adding a tremendous number of features. It’s small size makes it excellent for gimbal work or handheld. The built in WiFi allows for full control of the cameras features remotely via mobile device or computer. Recording internally to inexpensive CFast cards, the 4K or UHD image can be captured in either Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD codecs, at up to 120fps.

We customize every build to your specifications.

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ARRI ALEXA MINI Package – PL Mount or EF Mount

Alexa Mini Camera Body
Alexa MVF-1 (Alexa Mini/Amira EVF)
CFast Media Pkg (Alexa Mini)
15mm Studio Base Plate Kit
LW Dovetail Kit
Pag Battery Package (6)

Standard Build

Alexa Mini Top Plate (WC)
Alexa Mini Fixed Base (WC)
Alexa Mini Lw Base Plate (WC)
Alexa Mini Cage Arm (WC)
Nato Rail (100mm)
Nato Top Handle (WC)
Ussy-Tek 15mm
LW Universal Mount
Nato Rosette (WC)
Alexa Mini Quick Release Bottom Plate (WC)

Pro Set Build

Alexa Mini CCH-2 Center Handle
Alexa Mini MAP-2 Adapter Plate
Alexa Mini MSB-1 Side Bracket
BPA-4 Bridge Plate Adapter
BP-9 Studio Base Plate (15Mm)
Alexa Mini CSP-1 Shoulder Mount
Dovetail – 12″
Alexa Min MAP-1 Mini Adapter Plate
Alexa Mini RMP-3 Rod Mounting Bracket
Arri 15mm Reduction Insert

ARRI ALEXA EV (High Speed) Package – PL Mount

Alexa Camera Body w/ Top Handles
SxS Module
PL Mount
Port Cap
EVF and Mount
EVF Extension
2 EVF Cables
Shoulder Pad
(3) 32GB SXS Cards
SXS Card Reader
15mm Studio Base Plate
12″ Dovetail
10″ 15mm SS Rods
Gold Mount Plate
6 HP90 14.8v LiIon Gold Mount Batteries
Quad Simo LiIon Battery Charger
Dual Battery Plate
24V AC Power Supply
24V/XLR Power Cable
10′ 24V/XLR Extension Cable
14/28V Lemo Breakout Box
Lemo 14V/XLR AKS Cable

Internal Options

The Alexa EV records to SxS cards internally to the camera, and with the correct type of card, records up to 120fps.

ArriRaw Option

The Convergent Designs Gemini recorder is an economical way to capture ArriRaw .ari files, and is certified by Arri, ensuring the highest quality images. Using the ArriRaw option on the Gemini allows for up to 60fps recording onto Convergent Design SSD media. The kit includes a Universal transfer station to transfer your files via eSata or Firewire 800. In addition, the Gemini is also a lightweight full raster 5″ LCD recorder, and is easily mounted on top of the camera.