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 can be tough when first moving from the midwest, especially when the dream to succeed in this industry is a dime a dozen; but with my film degree from Columbia College Chicago and solid hopes for a better future, I decided the hardships of moving west was worth it. After freelancing for the first year out here, I realized I wanted to find a film family that has solid roots. I’ve heard great things about Digital Film Studios, so one day, I literally walked in the door and asked for a chance to prove myself. I’m grateful for this chance to be apart of the team as the new Marketing and Social Media Manager. For my first event with DFS, I was lucky enough to attend Cine Gear 2016 with Danny Toback, Mitch Ball, and Travis LaBella. It was a great opportunity to debut as marketing rep.

We arrived early and hung out in a tiny patch of shade. I was really excited since it was my first time at the expo. As soon as the doors opened we grabbed some grub, and hit the streets. We moseyed past booth after booth, like Wooden CameraAAdynTech and Maccam. Everyone was so welcoming, and their gear was fun to check out. The sheer volume of equipment, people, and lights was remarkable. Plus the free drinks, and the occasional free T-Shirt or pen, made the experience even better. As I gazed out at the whirling cranes over my head, flashing LED lights, and scantily clad promotional models,  I was trying to decide which of the 300 exhibitor booths to visit next.

Among our favorites was the Warner Bros’ booth, they even had a shaded lounge area with cool-misted fans and free blended mocha Frappuccino’s. However, we didn’t discriminate and talked to vendors both big and small. Even Rentalworks, the asset management software DFS uses, had a booth we spent some time at. Panavision and Light Iron had quite the display; they created a film set with old-timey production design lit to impress. Los Angeles Rag House had a very feng shui area, the abundant amount of free swag didn’t hurt either! Zylight also had a pretty memorable set up with a very California-esque, groovy vintage van displayed. Of course we visited Arri, they had the new ALEXA Mini, (which we have for rent at DFS). BBS Lighting’s booth was cool, they were sporting their Pipeline Remote Phosphor LED system lights in various sizes. We also stopped by  Fujinon and Bulbtronics, both had super friendly representatives I was happy to chat with. Another note-worthy premiere was SLR Magic’s two new lenses among the Cine Lens Collection, a 35mm and 75mm; DFS has 50mm in stock, and we may get the new lenses soon. One of the last booths we stopped at was Canon, super friendly guys which made for a perfect last stop.

I spent the day getting ideas about what we can do to stand out in this amazing marketplace ourselves; making all these connections was a great start on my networking journey. I hope to continue to build the connections created at the expo, let me know if I saw you there in the comments below. Since I’m a new member of the team, I would love the chance to connect with anyone involved with DFS, or whoever wants to be more involved. Stop by the studio to check out our spaces for rent, plus check out our huge inventory of gear. Looking forward to connecting!

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