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  • Theo Brooks: Producer
    Theo Brooks: Producer

    Theo Brooks makes things. Specifically, video content. More specifically, a lot...

  • Who Did You Call?
    Who Did You Call?

    Imagine the following: You’ve just been approached by a brilliant director with...

  • Who Do You Call?
    Who Do You Call?

    Remember the last time your back was against the wall? The following panicked th...

Featured Gear…

  • Sony F55
    Sony F55
    The Sony F55 has a 4K sensor, global shutter, and RAW as well as HD recording capabilities.
  • Arri Alexa EV
    Arri Alexa EV
    Arri Alexa EV cameras offer amazing image quality and direct to edit recording.
  • Gemini 4:4:4
    Gemini 4:4:4
    The Convergent Design Gemini recorder affords ArriRaw or uncompressed recording in a lightweight easy to use package.
  • Red Dragon 6K
    Red Dragon 6K
    Several of our RED Epic cameras have been updated to the latest sensor, and now offer 6k pixel resolution, superior skin tone rendering, and increased exposure latitude. Come try one out.
  • Blackmagic Cinema Cameras
    Blackmagic Cinema Cameras
    We have the Blackmagic Pocket Camer as well as the Cinema Camera available in the rental department, and have worked hard to accessorize them for super-easy use. 
  • Stage 1
    Stage 1
    Featuring a 3-wall cyc pre-lit with space lights, ideal for green screen filming.
  • Epic-M & X Available
    Epic-M & X Available
    The camera of the future is here now.
  • RED Digital Cinema Cameras
    RED Digital Cinema Cameras
    We feature fully accessorized Red One cameras with the Mysterium-X chip.